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2015: PhD (Magna cum laude) Development Studies, Local irrigation management in Mekong Delta (Development Anthropology), WISDOM project, Bonn University, Germany.

2010: MSc International Land and Water management, specialized in Irrigation management, Wageningen UR, the Netherlands and Agro-water management at Catania University, Italy.

2007: BSc Agronomy, Cần Thơ University, Cần Thơ, Vietnam.


Postdoc researcher at École française d’Extrême-Orient – Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam – Research Coordinator in Phuoc Hoa research project.


Her research career in water management started by the three-month research experience in Chiang Mai Thailand where she looked at the different strengths and challenges of the farmer-managed and RID (state)-managed irrigation system in the changing context. Field research experience in Vietnam includes the anthropological research in irrigation and drainage management in Cần Thơ city (2010-2013 – WISDOM project), and in local irrigation governance in Dong Nai river basin (Phuoc Hoa project – Tay Ninh and Long An provinces). Ethnographic approach with semi-structured interview and observation are applied with case studies. The study in Cần Thơ investigated the nature of state–society interactions in the Mekong Delta at the interface between bureaucratic and informal areas and to determine the extent to which local actors can express agency and the degree of accommodation state actors allow. It reveals the co-evolution between the management agencies, the local agencies (state-party cadres and representatives of mass organizations), farmers as in group or individual, and private actors. The present field-research in the multi-disciplinary research project focuses on irrigation governance, stakeholders interaction in a developing project (donor, management agents, experts, local state, farmers and groups – WUA) from which the institutions are refined and local governance is shaped.


Huynh Thi Phuong Linh (2016), State-Society Interaction in Vietnam: The everyday dialogue of local irrigation management in the Mekong Delta.  ZEF Development Studies. Münster: LIT Verlag.

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